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Colby And The Little Wolf (2012)

Colby and the Little Wolf (2012)

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Warning: I adore the Lost Shifter Series, I’m one of those people that have loved the 1st book all the way through the 17th book and keep coming back for more. If you don’t like Hecht’s formula, or are just plain tired of the shifters then this book isn’t for you. I recommend reading a Very Shaney Valentine if you’re a Shane fan (ah Shane Shane!) but for those of you eagerly awaiting the next break in reality Colby and the Little Wolf was pretty good.With Hecht’s books readers have always known who is the top and who is the bottom right away. Usually her alpha heroes are paired with more slender adorable heroes even though they often save each other. In Colby and the Little Wolf Hecht has given us two ‘runts’, and younger brothers. Though Tobias is pretty hard core (hey he’s had to be to be Russell’s Beta) he’s so young he’s never shifted, and Colby is emotionally and physically fragile. They can’t seem to help but be drawn towards one another and go so far as to defy their older brothers and risk everything just to spend time together. I felt like Thomas was an absent semi villain. I loved his story with Chance, but in Colby’s story he only showed up once to yell in the conference room, and once in the hospital to agree that they belong together. I kinda wanted more, especially since he’s already mated and should have settled a bit, and I think Chance would have definitely had something to say about the way Thomas was behaving. Shane also made an appearance and of course any scene with Shane is going to be awesome, this was no exception. I am getting tired of the Ravens coming and then being beaten. I would love to have a sinister villain, maybe have another group of shifters kidnapped… just something to shake up the coalition. Regardless this was a cute quick read and I enjoyed that the two of them were not alphas, which made the bedroom scenes a bit different and interesting. Is Dulla going to get anyone? And when is Dominic’s book coming out? Any cute extra scenes with Shane and Trevor’s new little ward? And of course my two new favorite characters the Hawk Twins!!! What about them? .... I know I don't read Ms. Hecht's novels for anything stellar or awe-inspiring. I read because her novels are like crack, interesting plot filled with possibilities, it's just too bad the execution is not as good. And it seems that with each new Lost Shifters book, it gets worse and worse. Where is the editing? Where is the proofreading and consistency?? I was disappointed in this book. I give it 1.5 stars but I round it up to 2 because I'll probably continue to grudgingly read the next book. Like I said, this series is like crack. I know it's bad for me but I just can't help myself.

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4.75..... I just wanted to read about them more I loved these two guys!!

it was a nice read.

3.5 stars

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