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Cold Glory (Nick Journey #1) (2011)

Cold Glory (Nick Journey #1) (2011)
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Cold Glory (Nick Journey #1) (2011)
Cold Glory (Nick Journey #1) (2011)

About book: During the surrender at Appomattox, Grant and Lee were left alone for a short period,Anderson surmises what might have happened in that moment and introduces the reader to a secret treaty that the two generals agreed upon.When this sought after treaty is unearthed with a clad of civil war-era weapons in southern Oklahoma, Nick Journey, a small college professor and amateur historian, inspects the findings and isattacked by a secret society, the Glory Warriors, in an attempt to recover this forgotten treaty in an effort to overthrow our government, home-grown terrorists.When the key political figures are assassinated, RIO—a small investigative branch of Homeland Security—takes the threats seriously, but not knowing who to trust on the inside agent Meg Tolman andNick Journey have to put their trust in each other as they race to save the life of the President. The race takes them on a wild chase, with the Glory Warriors operatives hot on their trail.With well-built and engaging characters, Anderson throws in a part-time concert pianist as a Federal agent and a protagonist with a severely autistic child that allows converging relationships to develop and sets up the reader for the sequel: the next adventure.In a tale rife with intrigue and suspicion, this debut novel from Anderson has something for conspiracy theorists, history buffs,Civil War aficionados, and mystery readers alike and is a fast-paced page turner down to the final twist. When former minor league baseball player turned Oklahoma university history professor, Nick Journey, begins researching an unearthed document from a Civil War era fort, he unwittingly pulls himself and his 12 year-old severely autistic son into a tangled conspiracy to overthrow the government that began at Lee's surrender at Appomattox. Finding himself the target of a deeply embedded plot to overthrow the United States government, he goes on the run, searching for the historical documents that will give proof to his assertions that national leaders are in jeopardy. Meg Tolman, a government investigator in an obscure bureaucratic office, becomes his only ally as they race to find evidence that the Speaker of the House, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the President are targets in a conspiracy to take over the government by a group called the Glory Warriors. The political thriller, Cold Glory, keeps the reader turning pages with plot twists and unexpected revelations. The characters are engaging and much less superficial than many in the genre. Journey’s relationship with his autistic son adds depth and humanity to his character, and the dichotomy of Tolman’s investigative role contrasts with her first passion of concert pianist. Author B. Kent Anderson ties unlikely plot lines together creating a plausible narrative. Cold Glory is a respectable addition to the predictable and unbelievable novels often found in the genre.
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It was a nice adventure story about what could have happened at the end of the Civil War.
Good historical fiction dealing with the Civil War.
Looks interesting.
Very good
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