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Cold Kiss (2010)

Cold Kiss (2010)
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184983069X (ISBN13: 9781849830690)
Simon & Schuster UK
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Cold Kiss (2010)
Cold Kiss (2010)

About book: This was my first experience with John Rector and man, can this author keep you on edge! I downloaded this book to my Kindle on a day that I was home sick and read the entire book in one day. I even took it with me to the doctor’s office and was disappointed when the nurse called me in from the waiting room. I didn’t want to stop reading!I loved the creepy setting for the book, a motel which reminded me of the Bates Motel. The author knows how to build suspense and throw plenty of unexpected surprises in. Another thing I appreciate about the author is that he keeps his eye on the ball. In other words, he tells the story without getting sidetracked into a lot of unnecessary details. I usually enjoy a book with a lot of description but Mr. Rector has a way of giving the reader just enough detail, allowing the readers imagination to fill in the blanks.The book gave me the feeling that I was watching a black and white Hitchcock thriller. Well done. Can’t wait to read more from this author. At times, the suspense is intense enough to cause physical discomfort. The story is a creative and fresh take on the noir premise in which bad decisions early on in the story by the main character lead to situations where he has no good choices at all. The writing is crisp and the book moves quickly, and the unadorned writing style and fast pace don't sacrifice emotional insight into the main characters. I had a little difficulty at the start of the book getting into the mind of the main character--I couldn't tell immediately his age, social situation, etc. A quicker introduction to Nate would have made his behavior at the beginning of the book easier to understand. But overall, I really enjoyed this memorable and satisfying noir thriller.
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2.5 StarsI liked it better than I thought I would but not as good as I had hoped.
Wow. Yes, quick read... The story gets going and doesn't slow... :)
Good book. Finished it quickly. Kept me interested all the while.
liked it.
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