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Cold Sight (2010)

Cold Sight (2010)

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0451230744 (ISBN13: 9780451230744)
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About book Cold Sight (2010)

I think this series has real potential to become very interesting. Parrish did an excellent job in realistically portraying the supernatural abilities of her characters. Their gifts did not come free of cost and solve all problems. I especially liked the way Aidan's psychometric talent was handled. Having him physically withdrawn to avoid information through touch was believable and gave the character a great challenge to overcome in a romance novel. A burned out psychic detective finds himself smack in the middle of a serial murder case when he is approached by a reporter and discovers the dreams he's been having are really the experiences of the current victim. Enter his old team of psychic detectives and some old fashioned research. In no time they uncover a secret society that seems to be the only thing that links all of the victims. A rather horrific series of crimes, and a fairly imaginative set of "gifts" makes for an intriguing read.

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Boring. She's really, really annoying. Boring, lukewarm romance. Interesting mystery.

it was so interesting and cool nwn super like and want to read next one already

If I could remove all the romantic claptrap, this would be a 5-star read.

I really enjoyed this book! I am moving on to Cold Touch.

Interesting characters & twisted plot (3.5/5)

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