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Come Home (2012)

Come Home (2012)

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0312380828 (ISBN13: 9780312380823)
St. Martin's Press

About book Come Home (2012)

I really wish there were more rating divisions. This would be a 3.5 for me, but I'll show 4 stars as it was closer to 4 than 3!So many plots twists & turns along the way really kept me guessing. Even when it appeared all was resolved, there was more!This book, however, was too dialog-heavy in my opinion. The character of Megan came across as too young & forced. Jill's conversations with Victoria were unrealistic much of the time, also. Victoria, though confused & justifiably distraught, would never get away with treating even an ex-stepmother (especially one we are shown as strong & well-respected as Jill) the way she does in the first third of the novel. Those issues left me unsettled, but the ongoing mysterious storyline was well-developed. The theme of once a parent, always a parent was powerfully executed & felt deeply true. I really enjoyed this mystery and it really had me guessing till the end. Dr. Jill Farrow never expected to see or hear from her ex stepdaughters. Once she divorced their father, he forbid them from seeing her. Fast forward a few years and everyone has moved on. Until one of the stepdaughters, Abby, shows up at Jill's doorstep saying her father was murdered. From there things go a little slow, but eventually picks up. At times I wondered if Abby didn't kill her father, or that he wasn't really dead. But in the end I was surprised. A good read!

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Meh. I did finish this book, but I was kind of glad when it was done.

Disappointing read...poorly written...characters not very believable.

Another good book by Scottoline!

I loved the story

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