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Como Pregar Um Botão (2009)

Como pregar um botão (2009)

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About book Como Pregar Um Botão (2009)

I think this is particularly useful for someone like me who didn't have a mother or grandmother to teach me things like how to treat a stain or how to remove rust and other little neat tricks around the house. Even for someone who did have a mom around, my cousin who I passed my copy of the book to was excited to have it. I told her it helped me a ton in the house especially now that I'm going to be a wife and someday a mother. She found it amazing when I showed her how to do things around the house and it was all from this book. This book is organized into chapters on various household topics. It contains tips and tricks on doing some basic household tasks yourself on a minimum budget. The tip providers are women who have lived through challenging economic times and figured out how to make do with what you have. While I did find some jewels, a lot of the tips were things I already knew, but at my age (early 40's) I think I have learned a thing or two along the way. This would be a great book for someone in their twenties who is on a tight budget to help them to economize and learn how to do some basic and not so basic household tasks. I did particularly like the non-toxic cleaning tips and enjoyed the splashes of humor in most of the descriptions.

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Loved the idea, couldn't tolerate reading through each item.

Every girl and woman should read this book.

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Must. Utilize. Information.


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