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Consider The Lily (2005)

Consider the Lily (2005)
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Consider The Lily (2005)
Consider The Lily (2005)

About book: This novel has been in my reading pile for a while and then migrated to my purse. I finished it while eating lunch. This is a book about people, about gardening, and about the power of money to influence behaviour. It begins in the summer of 1929, with the estate of Hinton Dysart getting increasing rundown due to financial limitations. Kit Dysart is the only son in the family and has been told to marry money to save his family estate. At the wedding of his sister Polly, he meets two cousins, the lovely Daisy Chudleigh, and the orphaned heiress Matty Verrall. Both young women fall for him, but he only has eyes for Daisy until his father calls him home to deal with more financial fallout. Matty seizes the situation and proposes and Kit agrees.But Matty is always aware of the reasons Kit agreed to marry her, and of the feelings he continues to have for her cousin Daisy. Matty is also now resented by Daisy, who has strong feelings for Kit.Matty's unhappiness grows as she remains unable to have a child, and after redoing the estate and proving herself to be an able manager of the household, she begins on the garden. As she learns more about the garden's history, she discovers her talents in this area, and learns of the link between the Dysart family history and her own situation.Interspersed with comments on the garden by the present-day Harry, this story set between the wars, has strong characters and shows the love for gardening the author has. A wonderful read.My copy also included discussion questions and an author interview, so perfect for a book club

I could not put the book down for very long. It moved along at a fast pace and totally kept my interest. I was so glad I ignored the opinions of those that did not complete the book (only a couple). I do not read to judge the characters, I find by reading an assortment of genre with a wide variety of personalities, it gives me a little more tolerance for the people I come in touch with in my life. We tend to live in our little areas for the most part, and it seems today that there is so much "judging" going on. I just kicked back and enjoyed this story to the max........I managed to get the laundry done and meals taken care of, but not much else. I will surely look for Buchan books again soon.
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I loved this book. Her style, the story, the characters. And a strange observer, the gardener, making comments between chapters. Finding out who he is at the end. Just a wonderful read.
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