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Contos Dos Subúrbios (2011)

Contos dos Subúrbios (2011)

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About book Contos Dos Subúrbios (2011)

This book is a set of short stories that contain Shaun Tan's marvelous artwork, creativity and imagination. I think Tan has to be one of the most creative authors out there in publishing today. I spent my summer reading all of his work that is available in the U.S. and he is certainly an author I want to read more of. This is a book you can read slowly and savor and it's a book you can read over and over and find something new each time. It is 90 pages of pure awesomeness. An interesting book packed with short stories that make one wonder, could this all be true? Another great picture book by Shaun Tan which includes dazzling art and imaginative stories. There are fifteen mini stories that are all diverse. Each story is set in a different setting which has excellent art work that grabs the readers’ attention. This book made me view the images longer than any other graphic novel due to the amount of detail put forth. It is beautiful yet, very disturbing at the same time.The mini stories include the following:1. The water Buffalo2. No Other Country3. Eric4. Broken Toys5. The amnesia Machine6. Our Expedition7. The nameless Holiday8. Alert, but not alarmed9. Night of the turtle rescue10. Stick Figures11. Undertow12. Make your own pet13. Grandpa’s story14. Distant Rain15. WakeEach story has a unique prologue which Shaun Tan uses to endeavour to grab readers’ attention. For example, the first story ‘The water Buffalo’ is very neatly written that make people wonder, think, and reflect on the story. It is written as if the buffalo is a human and not an animal which is unusual and strange. This book is perfect for ages 12+. This book is not ideal for ages below 12 as it contain complex sentences, twisted imagery which may confuse students. Therefore, i do not recommend teachers to use this book in their classrooms in primary schools.Students in secondary schools will find this book enjoyable. This book can be read in an English lesson and broken into little chunks to explore metaphors and similes. After exploring the books, students can then write their own metaphors or similes to see whether they have truly learnt the figure of speech.

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There were funny parts in it but it was hard to keep up sometimes it did not make sense

This is brilliant. I love it so much.

Fiction T1614t 2009

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