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Cowards: What Politicians, Radicals, And The Media Refuse To Say (2012)

Cowards: What Politicians, Radicals, and the Media Refuse to Say (2012)

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About book Cowards: What Politicians, Radicals, And The Media Refuse To Say (2012)

My father called this the scariest book he'd ever read. I don't know if I'd go quite that far, but it certainly is a sobering look at how the future of free societies everywhere hangs by a slender thread.From the title, I expected that much of this book would consist of Beck attacking or exposing various celebrities or media figures as "cowards." But that's not what this book is at all. In fact, the only person this book really comes down hard on is George Soros, a man so rich and powerful that he claims to be able to influence entire economies (and to get a real kick out of doing it, too). Beck seems to get better and better as time goes by, and I'm glad to see he no longer even bothers with stupid stuff like jokes about fat celebrities.This is a book about all sorts of important issues that the media simply doesn't want to hold a fair, open discussion about: the current state of public education, the ever-expanding behemoth that is the American government, the fact that our two-party election system has failed us, the seemingly inevitable dominance of failed Socialistic principles, the fact that we might all become subservient to our own technology someday soon, etc. And, of course, George Soros.Some will call this book paranoid. Some will call it ignorant. I call it a refreshing dose of the truth. “Cowards” was a fast read for me. For regular listeners of Glenn Beck’s radio show, much of this will be review, but with additional detail. Like most of Glenn’s books, each chapter presents a different area of concern—from media bias, to education reform, to radical Islam. And as always, the chapters are heavily footnoted. My eBook version showed 350 pages, seventy of which were footnotes. (Here the eBook version especially shines, because hyperlinks in the text take you straight to the footnote for that text.)It isn’t a partisan book. The first chapter illustrates how members of both parties have marched America in a progressive direction, and the second chapter makes a reasonable case for what Glenn calls “commonsense libertarianism.” There are also chapters dedicated to George Soros and Jim Wallis (of the evangelical “left”) and a haunting exposition about the problems on the Mexican / American border. Being a tech guy, one of the chapters I found most interesting, was the last where Glenn talks about the coming intelligence explosion. Intriguing stuff. All in all, an interesting and sometimes alarming read. I recommend it.

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Funny, brilliant, insightful, and thought-provoking. Not bad for a Dallas Cowboys fan! ;)

easy read could go back to it for future opinions

Hard to put down book, so it gets A+.

i lyk d book

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