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Crazy, Vampire Love (2013)

Crazy, Vampire Love (2013)

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About book Crazy, Vampire Love (2013)

I think the story had a lot of potential as did the characters but found it disappointing because the story felt rushed in a way and the relationship a little forced because it was a novella rather than a book. I think this could have potential to be a really great book and delve further into the characters, their pasts (including Felicia) as well as the magic they are using. Also it would have been nice to to have more development from the villain side of things. 4 starsThis was a very good story. I liked Ella and Zane their story was hot and sweet and I liked the twist on her "voices". This is an insta-love story but it's also a PNR so it works with the story.Ella has heard voices in her head since she could remember. The voices would tell her things, things that always ended up being true and usually got her in trouble. When Ella was 7, the voices got her to reveal her father's cheating to her mother and when they split neither of them wanted Ella and ended up putting her in a mental hospital and washing their hands of her. Ella's 25 years old now and dreams of someone treating her with kindness and the possibility of getting a hug.Zane is a vampire that's over 300 years old. He has a home and some humans that live with him to be "blood donors" when needed but he also goes out for more diversity in his "meals". Zane tends to go to long term care facilities and mental institutions to avoid attracting attention. While at a mental institution he encounters a very unusual thing, a woman who isn't controlled by his vampire powers.Ella has just been transferred to a new facility when Zane comes through at night. He tries using his powers to tell her to sleep and instead of going to sleep, Ella asked him why. Zane's rather flummoxed by his inability to mesmerize her and also can't figure out why Ella isn't scared of him like normal humans. Ella noticed that the voices went away when Zane came around and she's interested in talking to him. Zane decides he has to leave though and it would be safer not to come back. He does comes back though. Zane's unable to forget Ella and ends up at her window checking on her when an orderly decides to try to take advantage of her. Zane wasn't planning to show himself but ends up saving her. He knocks out the guard but it seems likely she'll be blamed for things and eventually Zane agrees to help Ella escape and let her stay with him (although he isn't sure why he agreed to this). There's a very strong attraction between the 2 and they start falling for each other pretty much from the first meeting and once Zane saves Ella it's all downhill from there.Zane takes Ella to his place and intends to ravish her. They head in that direction but he soon realizes that their connection will be deeper than just sex. At this point, he still believes her to be mad but once they start getting hot and heavy, Zane soon gets physical proof that Ella isn't crazy. They go to another vampire that Zane knows to get some mystical knowledge and soon find out what's plaguing Ella. It's not something that she can get rid of but it is something she can control..with practice. It takes a bit of time for them to get around to full consummation but they are still able to have fun along the way. While this goes on, the feelings between Ella and Zane escalate very quickly and they both feel very possessive of the other. There is an issue when someone comes after Ella but it gets worked out. The story ends with Ella and Zane solidly together and preparing to start their HEA together...however there is a bit of plot dangling (about Ella's destiny) that could be used for a follow up story.I enjoyed this story very much. Zane and Ella were a great couple. I liked them individually and together they just worked for me. Overall, This was a very good story and my only complaint is that I'd have liked a little more...I certainly wouldn't complain if a followup story did get released. I'd recommend this story. :D

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Really enjoyed this one, seems like there could be a follow up, hope there is....

Love it! Wish it has another stories...But still good for the ending.

Absolutely awesome book! Only wish it was longer.

The master of short stories has struck again:)

I wish it was longer:(

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