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Creepy Carrots! (2012)

Creepy Carrots! (2012)

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1442402970 (ISBN13: 9781442402973)
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About book Creepy Carrots! (2012)

Creepy Carrots is the perfect scary book to read to little kids. Jasper the rabbit loved carrots, and loves to pick them from the field. One day, he feels as if someone is watching him, every move he makes. He tries to shake the feeling but he keeps finding Creepy Carrots every where. Finally, after haunting him for forever, Jasper builds a big fence around the field that holds the carrots. Which is just what the Creepy Carrots wanted! The reason I chose this as my pick for a Caldecott is because the illustrations really give it that spooky vibe. The illustrations are in black and white, except for the Creepy Carrots, which are orange. I think the contrast of dark and light helps set the mood as well for a spooky story. The illustrations flow with the story and are appropriate for not only the age range intended for the book but for the text as well. I absolutely love this book for so many different reasons, first of all the use of color is very creative. The only colors he used were black, white, and orange, which made a lot of things stand out in the story. I personally hate carrots so this story was a funny topic to me. I think it's a good idea to take a very common food, or item and make it come to life or give it certain characteristics. This book is just so adorable and I can't wait to have it in my classroom!

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Really inventive! fresh! Like a really crispy carrot. Loved it.

It's so cool! Awsome! Terrific! Amazing!

Loved the illustrations and story.

Love the illustrations.

Good for grades k-2

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