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Crow Call (2009)

Crow Call (2009)

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0545030358 (ISBN13: 9780545030359)
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About book Crow Call (2009)

Beautiful illustrations with a great story line. Crow call is about a young girl who is reunited with her father. For the first time Lois and her father goes fishing when he comes home from War World II. Lois is nervous about being reconnected with her father which is something all children go through. As a teacher I would use this story to reinforce the importance of descriptive writing and also building upon characters. Using describing words that allow you to imagine the character in your head develops characters. I would remind students that without looking at the story they could form a vision of a character. After reading the story I will ask students to think how they think the character looks, their personality and the emotions they experience in the story. I would remind students they have to pay attention to the details in the story to help develop the character in their brain. I will reread specific pages in the story for students to see examples of words describing the character. Once we have talked about describing a character I will do a follow up activity to emphasize the strategy students learned in class. Students will practice writing descriptively to help improve their c by making it more interesting and engaging to read. This beautifully illustrated picture book tells a poignant story from the author's own childhood. Although the sentiment is beautiful, I found myself filled with angst as I turned the page wondering if the father was going to kill a crow. I really, really didn't want that to happen and I could feel my 10-year-old wishing for the same thing. That anxiety distracted me from what I think is the main theme of the book - parent/child relationships and understanding, which is a sad theme to miss.

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Really sweet story. Beautiful illustrations.

Beautiful story, beautiful artwork. I cried.

Great books for voice. 3rd grade and up

Very well written

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