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Crying For Help: The Shocking True Story Of A Damaged Girl With A Dark Past (2012)

Crying for Help: The Shocking True Story of a Damaged Girl with a Dark Past (2012)

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About book Crying For Help: The Shocking True Story Of A Damaged Girl With A Dark Past (2012)

First of all, the book itself. What a nightmare to read. A Kindle ebook that ran to 455 pages on my laptop.There were many, many, many blank pages between chapters, and even in the middle of chapters. I spent more time hitting the down arrow than reading.Then, the story finished at page 249...the last 206 pages were blank. I know, because I checked...every damn page!!Casey Watson was particularly irritating in this book. The Watson's accept a short term placement, Sophia, a sexually aware, provocative 12 year old going on 21.There were times when I found Watson's behavior foolish. There is no doubt that Sophia was a very troubled child, and under the circumstances, Watson should have put her own family first. Sophia was suicidal, and there was a suspicion that she was responsible for her mothers death. She was aggressive, violent and abusive, and there was the potential for an alleged sexual assault charge brought against her husband and her son. I found it really hard to believe that they let the problems escalate to such a degree that it almost ended in disaster.I found the whole story questionable. If this would have been the first book, it would have been the only one by this author that I would have read. It got to the point where the incidents were becoming almost like an elongated list. It was constantly repeated that this author felt as if she wasn't getting appropriate help for her charge and not being listened to with the severity of the situation. The problem with this was that it went on for most of the book and never seemed to get anywhere. It was a relief when it finally ended.

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a good read highlighting the problems of many children that are put into foster care

Good story. Makes me wonder if the girl was actually abused or just mentally ill.

This book has been really interesting and I would recommend reading it

Such a shame this girl couldn't be helped :(

such a good but heartbreaking story!

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