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Crying For The Moon (2011)

Crying For The Moon (2011)

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1615819436 (ISBN13: 9781615819430)
Dreamspinner Press

About book Crying For The Moon (2011)

I read this book on a plane ride home. It was very enjoyable - the characters were interesting, the plot proceeded at a steady pace, and I really wanted to know how everything ended. The characters were very individual - no cardboard cutouts - and their relationships were great. I wouldn't mind reading a book focusing on any of them! Wonderful light reading and definitely something I'm going to read again! I won a print copy of this book, which I received a few days ago. Finally having some quiet time, I sat down to read it. It took me about 2 hours start to finish, but I slowed down a little to enjoy certain... parts. LOL The writing was quite well done, with only a few errors, and the flow was perfect. Sarah has wonderful writing skills that draw you into the story, even if the story is about a house betraying its new owner with all it's crumbling quirks, at first. The characters all had interesting side stories, which were introduced here and there to explain their personalities and quirks quite well. I find that to be a hard thing to do in a story that holds so many peripheral characters that are vital to the story. My thoughts on the villian's dastardly plot were that it was a bit thin. The main character, Alex, is not dim-witted by any means, but he couldn't see what Victor was trying to do? I saw that when the first mention of him and his reaction to Alex's relocation was brought up. So, that aspect of the story, was a bit thin. I didn't go into this for a mystery however, which is good because certain other elements, which I don't want to spoil, were very obvious. Who the characters all 'were' was pretty easy to figure out, including their supernatural inclinations. I still liked the mythos of the supernatural that was used, though. It wasn't insanely different but just enough to make things fun. There are elements left that I'd love to see explained in later stories. Why Nick's people have so little money. The aftermath of Victor. Alex's plans to do with Victor's little reveal about their past. The progression of the relationship between Alex and Tate. Tate's past. There's certainly a lot left to be explored. I'd definitely buy follow up books to Crying for the Moon.

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Not enough focus and attention to the 2 MC. Not much sexual chemistry.

I really liked this story, it made me laugh - it was a fun read.

Rating 3.5 to 4

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