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Cryptic Cravings (2011)

Cryptic Cravings (2011)
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0061689459 (ISBN13: 9780061689451)
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Cryptic Cravings (2011)
Cryptic Cravings (2011)

About book: Another cute little novel almost done with this series. I feel like I need some more adult books once I am done with these. I can't decide whether or not I like Trevor or despise him. I know he isn't right for Raven but he still cares in his weird way. Also Luna irritates me. Just because Alexander doesn't want her now she has to go after everyone else's guy or best friend. Ugh. This is such a guilty pleasure for me. This is the 8th book in the Vampire Kisses series and since i'm still reading them after 8 books you must know that they are good.They are not my favorite books ever but they are still fun to read. They are all pretty small so they are easy to get through.This one in particular has to deal with Jagger starting a club in Dullsville.Raven is excited about it at first because it's going to be a new version of the Coffin Club. However in typical Vampire Kisses fashion everything gets kinda crazy and a bunch of stuff happens. If you've made it this far in the series I recommend you keep going like I am. On a side note this is my favorite cover of any of the books. So good work on that Miss Schreiber!Cover: 5/5Couple: 4/5Supporting Characters: 4/5Plot: 4.5/5
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you will fall in love with these addicting books and characters you cant help but love and root fo
I'm going to read the last book,only to check off the series from my list.
I think this series has gotten a little better with each book.
sad and happy
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