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Cuaderno Para Dos (2011)

Cuaderno para dos (2011)
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Cuaderno Para Dos (2011)
Cuaderno Para Dos (2011)

About book: I was told so many good things about this book and my expectations were extra high, maybe that's why I couldn't like it as much as I probably would if I haven't heard anything about it. The plot seems amazing, like one of this stories that you want to experience by yourself. I caught myself thinking if someone interesting would take MY red notebook if I left it in a bookshop. But, asides that cool part, the story seems to be running in circles. Lily REALLY annoyed me, she's so immature and totally doesn't have the thoughts of a 16 year old, she doesn't predict her acts and end up being such a silly girl. Dash is much more likeable and I kept anxious to get to his chapters soon, for me that's the cool part of the book. It was nice to know the story from both sides but I probably would've liked it much more if it was only by Dash's point of view. Anyway, it wasn't a bad book but it didn't surprised me or made me feel thing I usually feel while reading a love story. Best part is: I've read it in Christmas, right in time to give some thoughts to the really nice quotes about the holiday thing. So, I finally get done with my mids, and keeping in mind that it's winter, and that christmas isn't really that far, I pick up a new book IN TWO EXCRUCIATINGLY LONG MONTHS. And I choose Dash and Lily's book of dares. It was funny, and sweet, and a mix of everything nice. But that's just it! It was just "Nice". That's why i gave it only 3 stars.Anyway, the characters were really well built. At first i thought that Dash was indeed, quite "snarly", but that changed when more pages turned. I fell a bit in love with him. And Lily. She was super cute, and everything someone like Dash should get after what he went through.Over all, I liked it. :)And I highly thank the writers for the happy ending. I am still not over Tris. :'(
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i just needed like one more chapter from Dash's pov and it would've been perfect
Hate that it ended like that. I want MORE!
one of the cutest books ive ever read
3.5Jolie lecture de Noël!
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