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Cult Of Crime (1987)

Cult of Crime (1987)
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0671687263 (ISBN13: 9780671687267)
simon pulse
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Cult Of Crime (1987)
Cult Of Crime (1987)

About book: Guess what I found at Powell's? This very book! one of my favorites in the days I read this series. I've actually hung onto my collection because they've never been easy to find. But I ask you, who doesn't love goofy spy thrillers with populated by teen heroes? (Well apparently everyone but me, but I'm OK with that. I even liked that Abduction movie the Twilight actor did.)Back in the day I liked this one, but never could find it for sale and the local library had to send out for it. But there it was, in the bestest bookstore in the world. I don't regret my fondness foot it either. The book is as silly as any in the series, but it does touch with some sensitivity on real issues. Clearly a decent ghostwriter. So I'll hang on to it this time.
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