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Curran, Vol. II: Fathers And Sons (2011)

Curran, Vol. II: Fathers and Sons (2011)

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Ilona Andrews, Inc

About book Curran, Vol. II: Fathers And Sons (2011)

'Curran Vol. II' takes place immediately after the end of Magic Bleeds. Curran is awake from his coma and finds out the alphas have been challenging Kate. He is furious. He demands an explanation from the alphas and ends up in another physical fight to prove his dominance. I enjoyed this a lot more than Vol. I. It was interesting to see how power hungry the alphas are and how much loyalty they do/don't have to Curran. The final showdown between Curran and Mahon was pure fun and a long time coming. Overall, enjoyable! MY FAVORITE CURRAN POV SO FAR. I prefer this much much better than the first one because it's more detailed and I didn't feel like I was left hanging. ;0)How could you not remember when the Beast Lord woke up from that eleven-day coma?! After that encounter with Erra, I remember how Kate didn't want to leave his side and that she wanted to be there for him until the end and she didn't even care about her damn injured knee! I'm sure I wasn't the only one celebrating when he roared. It's good to finally know what happened after that. Pretty awesome stuff! Plus, we get to read about his fight with Mahon! Dayummmm. Lol Kate, you're here too, and you want to be thrown over the balcony. Are you crazy? Don't answer that :PRead, read, read!

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Curran, His Furriness, takes everyone down alpha-style. Ahan, take that! And thattt!!

Delightful, as all of the Kate Daniels books are.

Read:30/09/12Read Again: 07/05/14

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