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Człowiek W Białym Kombinezonie: Stig, Le Mans I Moje życie Na Wysokich Obrotach (2010)

Człowiek w białym kombinezonie: Stig, Le Mans i moje życie na wysokich obrotach (2010)

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About book Człowiek W Białym Kombinezonie: Stig, Le Mans I Moje życie Na Wysokich Obrotach (2010)

While some people wanted this book to be a straight ahead kiss-and-tell about Ben Collins' time on "Top Gear," he goes right ahead and gives them a full biography instead. And good for him. A tell all would have just validated the incessant whining and indignation that greeted the publication from certain quarters at the BBC (especially, but not limited to, one particular tall whinger with short, curly hair).Instead, this book is a full auto-biography. Oh, it's not the best biography I've ever read, or even the most interesting life I've ever read about. But for a sports or entertainment biography, this is one of the better written, more entertaining ones! Collins manages to keep the story of his life interesting and linear. It's complete and doesn't go off on meaningless tangents. It has actual emotion and humor, and I came away understanding the author better.And as it turns out, it's got some great "Top Gear" stories too! Now, maybe I liked that bit particularly because he basically confirms much about the presenters that I wanted to believe, like that Clarkson really is that divorced from reality, that May really is that endearlingly odd, and that Hammond is the most likable of them. It also made me understand the show much better, like how they will occasionally go back after a "race" is finished and have other drivers re-run portions of it to get all the pick-up shots they would have missed the first time through. That was always the greatest evidence in my mind that it was being faked, but I'm considerably more content, now.I really enjoyed this book. And I really enjoyed the fact that I have now been able to connect a character that I used to enjoy following to a real-life man that I now find myself rooting for. I was hoping this book would give a behind-the-scenes look at the Stig and explain Ben Collins reasons for departure. For me it included far too much about his time in the army (which I found so mind-numbing I actually ended up skipping those parts) and a few scattered bits of Top Gear.Those bits were interesting enough, but sadly lacking in any real feeling of "being there" that most autobiographies give.The ending was just a let down as it glossed over his departure and ended without really giving the reader anything that he/she more than likely bought the book for.The truth is, most people who bought this book didn't want Ben Collins, they wanted The Stig. It just comes across as if he is too egotistical to realise this.I hate giving bad reviews (and I hope this is the only one I ever have to do!) but this is the only book in my collection that I would gladly throw away / give away / let burn in a fire.1 star at best... sorry!

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Pozycja obowiązkowa dla wszystkich fanów programu Top Gear. Czytam ja po raz 3;) pOlecam

The descriptions of the racing chapters are awesome. All in all an entertaining book.

The 'in-visor' view from behind the scenes at Top Gear.

An interesting behind the scenes of 'Top Gear'.

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