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D Is For Deadbeat (2005)

D is for Deadbeat (2005)
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D Is For Deadbeat (2005)
D Is For Deadbeat (2005)

About book: Kinsey Millhone is back and better than ever in D is for Deadbeat. She comes across a suspiciously easy case: deliver a cashier's check to a young teenage boy. Against her better judgement, Kinsey agrees to take on the case. But she soon finds that her new case isn't as it seems as the man who hired her winds up dead. And everyone that knows him has reasons for wanting him dead. Kinsey can't seem to let the case go, even if it means that danger lurks around every corner.D is for Deadbeat is another amazing read in Grafton's alphabet mystery series! Easily one of the best mystery series that I've read in a long time. I have a hard time putting these books down! I love Kinsey as a main character, love how realistic she comes across, and how unapologetic she is when it comes to her personality. She is who she is and doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks. This book was another read that kept me on my seat as I read it...I just kept thinking one more chapter until I had over half of the book read :) I thought that the mystery was both original and unconventional. Especially the ending and who the killer was. I didn't see that one coming from a mile long! But what I enjoy most about these books is the entire process and watching Kinsey figure out who the killer/bad guy is. I usually never see the ending coming and of course this book didn't disappoint. It was just a great read for me!All in all, another exceptional read from this author! I love Kinsey and these books....I just can't get enough! They are fast-paced, easy reads that keep me coming back for more. Highly recommended to mystery lovers! And if you haven't begun this series yet, what are you waiting for????Bottom Line: Hand's down a must read series, and this book is another great addition to it!Disclosure: I bought my copy of this book from the used book store. (Finally, I read something off of my own shelves!)

D is for Deadbeat is the fourth in Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone series of mysteries. I really like the character of Kinsey and like getting to know her better as this series continues. This story seems to bog down a bit throughout the book. Even Kinsey, toward the end of the book, makes an observation that she was tired of waiting on this case to move again. But, as readers, we do get to know a bit more about Kinsey's background while she wrestles with how to proceed with her case. When Kinsey meets the survivors of a horrific car crash, especially a young boy that survived, it brings up many memories of Kinsey's own loss of her parents and her upbringing by her aunt. I thought this was the central theme of this book as Kinsey's case began to slow down. At times these memories made it harder for Kinsey to focus on the detecting that would give her the clues to solve the case. These memories even made her consider giving up on the case altogether. For readers it made the story slow down enough that it was a bit harder to continue reading to reach the end of the mystery. Lucky for us Kinsey's doggedness and curiosity finally wins out as she finally puts all the clues together and solves the case. D is for Deadbeat is a good book that gives readers more of Kinsey's upbringing that allows us to understand Kinsey's motives better. While the pacing is a bit slow it is an enjoyable read that succeeds in deepening the main character. I continue to enjoy this series and look forward to Sue Grafton's next alphabet letter mystery.
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D IS FOR DEADBEAT is an odd story - Kinsey is hired to give $ 25,000 to a fifteen-year-old. Should be simple, right? Not with Sue Grafton writing the book!! When Kinsey's retainer check bounces things really start to get interesting!! Next Kinsey finds the deadbeat who wrote the check, he was dead. Now she has to find out who killed him in order to get paid!This is the fourth Sue Grafton book in this series but the first in the series that left me wanting more from the book. Although it kept a fast pace, it left me wondering about some of the characters introduced. The plot is well developed but I think Grafton could have done more to introduce some of the characters into the story.Definitely a great book to spend some time with, but make sure you have the next book (E IS FOR EVIDENCE) ready to pick up as soon as you read the last page of this one - you won't want to stop reading!
Duncan Mandel
SUMMARY: When Alvin Limardo walks into P.I. Kinsey Millhone’s office, she smells bad news. He wants Kinsey to deliver $25,000. The recipient: A fifteen-year-old boy. It’s a simple matter. So simple that Kinsey wonders why he doesn’t deliver the money himself. She’s almost certain something is off. But with rent due, Kinsey accepts Limardo’s retainer against her better judgment…When Limardo’s check bounces, Kinsey discovers she’s been had big time. Alvin Limardo is really John Daggett—an ex-con with a drinking problem, two wives to boot, and a slew of people who would like to see him dead. Now Kinsey is out four hundred dollars and in hot pursuit of Daggett. When Daggett’s corpse shows up floating in the Santa Teresa surf, the cops rule the death an accident. Kinsey thinks it’s murder. But seeking justice for a man who everyone seemed to despise is going to be a lot tougher than she bargained for—and what awaits her at the end of the road is much more disturbing than she could’ve ever imagined…
I really do enjoy these books. Kinsey is hard-as-nails when she needs to be and yet funny and warm, too. They mysteries are interesting and the characters odd. --Better review now that I've had time:I accidentally stumbled across R is for Ricochet several years ago while perusing the local library. Little did I know that that one book would open up a world of mystery for me. I have since gone back to the beginning and started the series in the order it was meant to be read. However, if you’re impatient, so far as I can tell, you can read them as stand-alones with only minor references to previous books.Each novel in the Kinsey Millhone series gets better as we go along. The mysteries become more tangled and the characters more devious and varied. One of the biggest draws to this series for me is is the setting. Having grown up and become a real person in the eighties, I find it fun to watch her walk around town, call everyone and even use the library resources to get the information she needs. Makes you look at today’s private investigators and think, “Man, they’ve got it easy – they’ve got the Internet!” While I had some idea of who the killer was starting about halfway through, I was still shocked at the outcome of Kinsey’s investigations. I never dreamed it would end the way it did, although in retrospect, it doesn’t surprise me much (now). Kinsey’s leaps of intuition and her cleverness, however, keep you guessing. I enjoy that seed of doubt the author is constantly planting in your mind. You’re reading along and screaming silently, “The butler did it! I know he did!” and then you turn the page and think, “Wait, maybe the maid did it…” That’s a great mystery writer for you. And who knows, maybe the butler did do it.I highly recommend this series to anyone and everyone.
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