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Daisy's Choice (2011)

Daisy's Choice (2011)

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About book Daisy's Choice (2011)

The storyline was great, drama, drama, drama, especially her mama(heh-heh). I hated everybody equally in the book. These characters had major personality flaws, and a lot of the book was Daisy coming to terms with those flaws including her own. The sex scenes between Aiden and Daisy were HOT HOT HOT! The only reason I gave this book 4 stars is the ending. I didn't like and it made no sense that . oops, I didn't know it was a trilogy. It gets a 5 then. I enjoyed this last installment of the Aiden's Game series but I feel the story is incomplete. I really liked most of the characters, in particular Aiden and Daisy. I got a bit sick of Peter's "put-upon/victimized" attitude and because of that, was team Aiden all the way. I probably fell for that bad boy reformed image. I really hope there is another installment. I think each of these characters have more to say and would like to know how they all fare. I enjoyed this book immensely! Still not as great as "Harmony" but...4 stars ain't shabby.

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Loved it! A lot of twist and turns and got to learn more of Aiden's back story.

Loved! Loved! Loved it!

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