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Damaged But Not Broken (2013)

Damaged But Not Broken (2013)
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Damaged But Not Broken (2013)
Damaged But Not Broken (2013)

About book: Paige leaves her town after the haunting night where her fathers drunk friends take advantage of her when father is passed out.She vows to never forgive her father and never return there back,even for her first love - Blake.After 13 years,the wounds are still raw.But when her father tries to re coop their relationship and her career,she agrees.Seeing Blake again makes her feel all the feeling she kept hidden all these years,but he is engaged...and that to with a bitch of girl.Loving again Blake is very easy but with anger still filling her can Paige overcome them or the past will haunt her back.Savannah is bitch..but i liked Blake..hes not perfect..he makes mistakes and then repents it.Paige is such a strong girl to move forward though her anger towards father is very valid..she still tries to maintain the relationship.Nice book!Rating - 4! I give this book 3 1/2 Stars (Amazon Freebie)The story starts out with a tragic rape scene 13 yrs earlier and goes to present time. Paige is now 28 years old damaged but not broken. She had to leave her past friends, relationship, and father behind to be with her mother in Bristol. She used singing and playing country music for healing. Her father Kenny hears her playing at a bar and doesn't realize what talent she has and offers her a deal she can't refuse. In the meantime, she returns to Nashville to try to make amends with her father, little did she know she would run into her first love Blake. Blake plays and sings in a band called Rust and, guess what, he is also engaged to Savannah. Will Paige and Blake be able to stay friends or will their passion re ignite?
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LOVED IT! Heart Felt, Romantic, and just downright a GREAT READ! WISH THERE WAS MORE :-)
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I loved it.
2.5 stars.
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