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Dangerous Women (2013)

Dangerous Women (2013)

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I ordered this book into my local library, and evidently it is very popular as there was a waiting list. I was surprised when I started to read it that the pages were pristine, appearing to never have been read. Then I realized that the only sections of the book that appeared worn were the stories by Diana Gabaldon and George R. R. Martin. People who read only the stories by their favorite authors are really losing out. An anthology such as this is an opportunity to sample the writing of many different authors in many different genres. I read all of the stories in this book. Some were wonderful, some were definitely not for me. I was surprised to like some stories in genres that I don't often read. Not all of the stories fit the theme in my opinion, but each author has a different interpretation of what a "dangerous woman" is. My biggest criticism of this book is that it is overwhelmingly long. Perhaps if there were half as many stories, more people would read the whole book instead of cherry picking their favorite authors. I only read two stories out of this - Jim Butcher and George R. R. Martin's. The Game of Thrones prequel tale of the "Dance of Dragons" was good but I felt like I should have drawn out a family tree while reading it to keep everyone's relations straight. I could follow the flow of the story but I fear that I probably lost a lot of the nuance. Oh well. Jim Butcher's short story about Molly set after "Ghost Story" was great and a refreshing contrast to the banquet hall of characters in Martin's short story.

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The stories by Sanderson and Martin (and a couple others) were really good, others were just ok.

mostly really good stories. A couple i skipped through. The Westeros sorry was nice

I only read Virgins, by Diana Gabaldon, and I loved it.

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