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Dans Les Griffes De La Nuit (2014)

Dans Les Griffes de La Nuit (2014)

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About book Dans Les Griffes De La Nuit (2014)

Escogí este libro por las críticas tan buenas que tenía, pero, no funcionó para mí...El principio me enganchó, asesino en serie, víctima que escapa...bien....pero a medida que la historia avanza empiezan a saltar detalles que no cuadran, entiendo que es ficción, pero eso no quita que la historia tenga que ser creible, a ver(spoiler: cómo es posible que la víctima número 8 de un asesino en serie, que ha escapado de él, no tenga protección policial durante un par de días, sabiendo que la poli está con ella un día sí y otro no...el asesino debería pensar que igual sabe Pasando este punto está el de los detalles escabrosos...(spoiler: imposible para mí sufrir por la relación romántica cuando el asesino le está arrancando las uñas) y por último no me quedó muy claro el porqué del comportamiento del asesino...parece que lo van a explicar, pero al final no lo hacen...No funcionó para mí, pero sí que leeré algo más de la autora. One of the best thrilling and suspenseful novel I have come across in recent times. Leslie Tentler is definitely the author to watch out for. It's a story involving a serial killer known as "The Collector". Eric, the hero of the story is trying to catch "The Collector" from a very long time. Not just because he's assigned to the case but he has his own personal reasons. Mia, the heroine is "The Collector" latest conquest but somehow she escapes him. And now comes the twist, she doesn't remember what actually happened to her from the time she was kidnapped to the time the police found her. With the help of Eric and the Doctor she's able to see glimpses of what happened to her but...there's another tale to the story which I am not going to mention. You need to read to know what the twist is all about. Edge of Midnight is a fast paced novel that keeps you on your toes. "The Collector" is definitely one of the creepiest man I have read till now. And the way he kills his victims..eeks....LOL... This book is third in the Chasing Evil trilogy but it's a standalone. So it's not necessary to read the previous one to get a idea about the characters. New Character and a new storyline completes the Chasing Evil Trilogy.

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Miniseries: The Chasing Evil TrilogyCategory: Suspense

mystery and romance, man I love guys with badges....

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