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Dark And Stormy Knights (2010)

Dark and Stormy Knights (2010)

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0312598343 (ISBN13: 9780312598341)
St. Martin's Griffin

About book Dark And Stormy Knights (2010)

I purchased "Dark and Stormy Knights" for the Ilona Andrews story "A Questionable Client" about Kate Daniels' first meeting with Saiman. This was a good read, and helped to explain Kate and Saiman's rather complicated relationship. Other interesting stories included "The Beacon" by Shannon K Butcher, a story about a man who hunts down and kills "beacons", innocents who bring monsters into the world by virtue of acting as a beacon to the monsters. This was a very well written story, asking whether it is better to kill one innocent and save the lives of many. I also greatly enjoyed "Even a Rabbit will Bite" by Rachel Caine. This is about a a long-standing battle between an aged dragon-slayer and the last known dragon in the world. "Dark Lady" by P.N. Elrod is a fun story about a vampire owner of a haunted nightclub who helps a mobster's girlfriend. Some twists kept it interesting and fresh. Lilith Saintcrow's "Rookwood & Mrs. King," about an ex-cop turned vampire who takes on a case involving a request from a beautiful woman to kill her dead husband, is excellent. I hope that Ms. Saintcrow writes more about Rookwood - he is a fascinating character and I'd love to hear more about his back story. Finally, the last story in the book, Carrie Vaughn's "Gods Creatures" is a great, fast moving tale of a werewolf hunter and his prey. Good, good story. All in all, an excellent compilation of stories by some very good authors, all of whom have been put on my Would-like-to-Read to investigate further. Great Collection of stories:A Questionable Client by Ilona AndrewsThe short story that begins the Kate Daniels seriesEven Hand by Jim ButcherFrom the world of Harry DresdonThe Beacon by Shannon K. ButcherGreat turn of events in this oneEvan a Rabbit Will Bite by Rachel CaineOh a sad dragon story - with biteDark Lady by P.N. ElrodGangsters and vampires oh myBeknighted by Deidre KnightA painting and a loveShifting Star by Vicki PetterssonUmpa lumpas? nope - TulpasRookwod & Mrs. King by Lilith SaintcrowClassic Vampire awesomenessGod's Creatures by Carrie VaughnIs hunting a werewolf really for the good?

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I only read the Ilona Andrews and Jim Butcher stories.

Read Even Hand by Jim Butcher


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