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Dark Lie (2012)

Dark Lie (2012)
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Dark Lie (2012)
Dark Lie (2012)

About book: It is a surprising novel and a good read. I had never read Nancy Springer before this book. I met her at the Tallahassee Writers Conference and bought her book, because she impressed me as a fascinating person. Her sense of humor is evident throughout Dark Lie. The protagonist is a lupus-affected middle aged woman with many problems. Talk about unforgiving parents! It is amazing this poor woman has any ego after being brought up by two ultra religious freaks. The plot is plausible and the main character is totally sympathetic. I am purposefully leaving out many details because the element of surprise is an essential component of enjoyment in this book. I highly recommend it and plan to read many more of Nancy's books. This was a real roller coaster of a book! I have to say that I could NOT stop thinking about this book once I started reading it. Nancy has crafted a tight plot that has you running on all cylinders! A MUST READ for anyone who loves psychological suspenseNancy Springer's first adult suspense novel tells the story of Dorrie, a middle aged woman suffering from lupus, who finds herself living in the same town as the daughter she was forced to give up for adoption by her strict religious parents as a teenager. Once Dorrie realizes that Juliet, the daughter of the town DA, is her daughter, she is drawn to trying to be near her in public. It is this desire to observe her now teenage daughter that leads Dorrie to be the only one to see Juliet get abducted in the mall parking lot. Dorrie is the only one who can save her- but who will save Dorrie when she becomes the prime suspect- Enter Sam, her husband who knows that Dorrie would never hurt anyone- and that there is a dark secret that she has been hiding from him.
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Loved her YA books. This is a mystery for adults. Not as complicated as her YA books.
Strong suspense and well thought out plot. It was a good read but alarmingly twisted!
Well written. Carefully plotted suspense.
This is actually a 3.5 thriller for me.
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