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Darkwood (2009)

Darkwood (2009)
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1599902591 (ISBN13: 9781599902593)
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
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Darkwood (2009)
Darkwood (2009)

About book: I love picking up books in the kid section of the Library. It's fun to read something a bit lighter than the adult issues I currently obsess with. Darkwood is a good one for sure. The purpose of the story, from my perspective, is that its an meant to make the reader more aware of environmental issues that arise out of modern production and the taking away of nature. In this case, it's wolfs, or 'Kinderstalk' as they are called in the book. The townsfolk and kingdom took over and destroyed most of the wolves woods, to mine precious minerals, and in turn, the wolves turned on the kingdom. Eating their live-stalk, and harming them, because they had no food, and no room to roam as they should. So of course, the Kinderstalk are seen as the 'big bad'. Luckily there is a girl who is destined to help the Kinderstalk reclaim their rightful space and help bridge the gap between man and beast. It's a good YA book. I'll recommend it to my kids. Course they may not listen to me but, you know. ... Since when do kids listen! haha. - CJ The dark is all encompassing. Children are being taken. Kinderstalk roam the woods. Page has been missing for years. Annie is going to be sold. When Annie runs away and finds herself in a work camp forcing children to work on the cliffs, she resolves to do something about it. She runs away from there, hoping to find her way to the King and get him to listen to her. She finds unexpected allies in two old women and her missing sister. And the Kinderstalk, which turn out to be wolves. Annie can see in the dark. Page can speak to the wolves. Annie eventually learns how to as well. I expected something like what ended up being the twist but what actually was. Not that at all. It was choppy and\or boring in sections. There are a lot of flashbacks, mostly in the first half of the book. It was a decent read but not one I think I will re-read. But oh, can we please get a book about Page and Terr? Please? I will read that in a heartbeat. True Story.
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This is one of my favorite books-she uses great detail,and explains everything!
Clearly a first novel, it does have some interesting elements.
This was different but I really loved and enjoyed this story!
good plot...confusing how it is written
the kinderstalk are coming!
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