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Darlah - 172 Timer På Månen (2008)

Darlah - 172 timer på månen (2008)

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8202287618 (ISBN13: 9788202287610)
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About book Darlah - 172 Timer På Månen (2008)

This was just weird. Definitely not the type of book I'm used to reading.I almost feel like there were two different plots. The description makes it seem like it will be space related, when in reality, it has barely anything to being about space besides for them actually being there. Didn't really learn much about space, which you'd expect a little from a book that was about that. There were many times where I wanted to stop reading. There was way too much filler and the ending was rushed. And it almost made me laugh with the inconsistentcy. Just seemed like two different plots were thrown together. Not impressed whatsoever. This book was nothing special but it freaked me the hell out!! So I guess it get a little credit there since the genre is horror. First the characters are not developed and no bonding happens so we don't feel much. At first it is slow and when the action happens very fast and at times rushed. The romance was nonexistent, action was minimal and the freakiness was plenty. SPOILERS AHEAD:I don't know why I was creeped out, it wasn't because I felt very anxious about the teenagers' well being. It was mysterious and the numbers and letters that come out gave me the chills. The gate, the jacket and the plane. Weird and not explained how they happened. The dialogues were dull and boring. Mia was the only character that had a little more personality. I did not expect the doppelgänger business. The end when Mia goes in the capsule I really think that she survives but it hints at the end that she didn't reach DARLAH 1, since the subject #1 body was hers. The only thing that I was sad about was that all those doppelgängers killed Mia's parents and brother plus a lot of people at the hotel. I hoped for some more explanation about how the doppelgängers got to earth and some other small stuff. 3 stars.

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4.5* Fue un buen libro pero fue tan horrible todo lo que pasó, so scared, so sad.

Creepy space ride! Beware the wow code!

I hated the ending. Ruined it for me.

Well, I am officially terrified.


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