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Darth Vader And Son (2012)

Darth Vader and Son (2012)

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About book Darth Vader And Son (2012)

I'm pleasantly surprised, even with my own war against Star Wars and in finding my own Jedi-esque spiritual path, at how much I love this book. It's a kids book in graphic novel form that delves into what might've been if Darth Vader, Luke's father and evil master of the universe, became someone I knew all along he'd be: a devoted father. Here you see Darth and Lukey, aged four, doing things normal Jedis do together, like go out for ice cream, play with toys and share quality time reading together. Awwwww, how unbearably sweet! It touches my heart!!! It's not so much an ode to Star Wars like OTHER books (yes, Origami Yoda, I'm talking to YOU--and you're welcome!) but a celebration of fathers and sons. Cos even a bad guy has to take time out from blowing up other just be dad. Darth Vader and Son is a charming little picture book from cartoonist Jeffrey Brown who, though he's still using a naive indy style, has really improved in my eyes since, say, Clumsy. His characters are well-posed and speak through body language, it's lovely stuff. In the book, Luke Skywalker is turned into a young boy celebrating Father's Day with Darth Vader. Each page is its own gag, usually done as a single panel, alternating between Star Wars jokes (using lines and scenes from the films) or sweet father-son moments. It's incredibly cute and pays loving tribute to the franchise AND to positive father-son relationships as well. Out from LucasBooks (who really don't need your money), another home run from Jeffrey Brown (who really deserves it).

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