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Das Ist Ein Buch! (2010)

Das ist ein Buch! (2010)

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About book Das Ist Ein Buch! (2010)

In this story there is a mouse, donkey, jackass and monkey. The monkey is reading a story and keeps getting interrupted by the jackass. The jackass keeps asking questions about that the book does and how the book works. I thought this book was well written and funny. The pictures make the story even better. It really made me realize how much technology is used. My favorite part of the story is when it says "can it text, tweet, toot". This quote shows that technology is taking over and kids will know more about technology then they will about books. Although you are reading while on technology it is not the same as reading a book. It is important for kids to learn to read and grow up liking to read. This book is good for ages anywhere from six and above. You could read this book in class and ask the kids questions on why they think it is important to read. This is a cute children's story that is very relatable for the younger generations. The story is about a donkey who does not know what a book is. He sees a friend reading one and has many questions for his monkey friend such as "does it have wifi?" and "can you tweet from it?" This is a great story to use in a classroom to display a sort of dramatized version of today's society. Technology being such a big thing nowadays can be an issue because less and less reading is happening and this story is a great way to open younger students' eyes to what the world is becoming with technology being the main focus of today's society. This is a relatively short story and a very easy read, so it can really be used at any time throughout the day- there is no need to set aside a great deal of time for a whole lesson to be planned around it. However, it could also serve as a great supplement to a lesson on the importance of reading and/or technology in the present day. The suggested grade level would be 2nd-4th for this story.

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fun, classic Lane Smith snark revealing an important, more sincere purpose. Would be fun gift book

Er... yikes? I see what they're going for, but I won't be recommending this one, unfortunately.

Funny, but I wish the antagonist's arc wasn't an impulse.

It's a book, jackass.OMG.

sehr süß ^-^

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