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Daughter Of The Bamboo Forest (2012)

Daughter of the Bamboo Forest (2012)

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1468190075 (ISBN13: 9781468190076)
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About book Daughter Of The Bamboo Forest (2012)

I just found this book ok. I kept waiting for something to happen, and was surprised when the book ended (read it on a kindle, it was a free book). When I got to the last page, I just thought, "hmmmm? This is it?" So I really just thought it was missing something. Honestly, I was almost glad I was done because I was just so unsatisfied.I have read quite a few books of this genre, and this one just didn't do it for me. This book has the impressive (to me) distinction of being the worst book I have ever read, or rather tried to read. I am the kind of person that must finish a book I start, probably because it's hard for me to really hate a book. I have always been a bit of a bookworm, but there are only two books I just couldn't finish in my life and this one is the worse of the two. Sloppy writing and unlikable characters are just the beginning. I have loved all the other Chinese fiction I've read, especially Lisa See and Amy Tan. This book is like something I would have written in elementary school, but less interesting. Much of the beginning of the story takes place in Little Jade's head. Due to her lack of understanding, level of confusion, and simplistic thoughts I thought she was 3 or 4. But she was older, as became apparent later. I think she was 7-12 in the book, but her childishness didn't seem to go away. I think the author has never had a conversation with a 9-year-old or perhaps she was an exceptionally "simple" child herself, which would explain the writing. At one point, a man "crossed over to the door", then there was some dialog, then he "walked over to the door" to go. Keeping up with where your characters are in the scene is pretty fundamental. I can't take this; there are so many more good or even mediocre books more worth my time. I wish I could give zero stars.

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Such a lovely book; it was interesting, beautifully written and poor Jade is so achingly lonely.

This is very depressing,even for my tastes! Well written but very dispassionate.

Enjoyable. Colorful. Kept me in the moment. Wonderful work by the Author

Having a hard time getting into this one. Not sure I will finish.

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