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Daughters Of The Dragon (2014)

Daughters of the Dragon (2014)
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0991395859 (ISBN13: 9780991395859)
Madhouse Press
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Daughters Of The Dragon (2014)
Daughters Of The Dragon (2014)

About book: I enjoyed reading "Daughters of the Dragon," and learned a lot about some of the atrocities that went on during WWII and the Korean War. The book encompasses more than 60 years in time, so there were a lot of gaps in the story. And the author referred to the "comb with the two-headed, five-toed dragon," way too many times. The comb was actually the major character in the book, and the reason I didn't give the book five stars. This is definitely the best book i have read all year. Well written, passionate and for me something of a history lesson(i never knew that this happen to korean women). it has been awhile since i have felt every emotion while reading a book but i did and at the end was happy to feel joy that these two sisters got to see each other. Historical fiction when written well imo is the best genre out there.
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I enjoyed this book. It is very eye opening. Great book, stayed up late into the night to finish.
Let us all learn from the mistakes of history and remember that War is Hell
A disturbing story but so well told.
Highly recommend this one!
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