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Day Of Doom (2013)

Day of Doom (2013)

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054529844X (ISBN13: 9780545298445)
Scholastic Inc.

About book Day Of Doom (2013)

This was a really good book. It really completes the whole series of the Cahills vs. Vespers. I would really compare this series to anyone who would like the mix between Percy Jackson, divergent, or the hunger games mixed together. Each book has differ authors so each book has a different prospective of each character and the whole conflict that is happening to the cahills. All in all I enjoyed reading the series Finally – the end of this series is here. Much like the ending of The 39 Clues, the intense action and drama gets saved up for the last book. That said, there were still a number of silly things that made this a decent ending that could have been better.Dan and Amy have one last chance to stop Vesper 1 from destroying the world. It takes an array of forces, some science and (of course) a LOT of luck to even come close. There are deaths among the group of kids, so get ready for that. The ending is a bit too much for me, but I’m just happy it’s over…!Perhaps Scholastic will call it quits – I think they’ve wrung out as much as they can from this idea.

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It was an okay book.The weird part was Amy and Jake in a storage room and Amy in heaven.

A really good book and I love the whole entire 39 clues sieries


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