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Dazzled By Silver (2013)

Dazzled by Silver (2013)

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When I read what this book was about I was a little on the side of Do I want to read this book then I read the bottom of the page, Warnings: This title contains erotic situations, graphic language, a steamy threesome and a hot girl on girl scene, satisfying hidden desires. It is however a MF erotic romance. Well with a warning like that I can’t seem to resist so as I dive in I may never be able to come back up. When I started this book I hadn’t even gotten through the first chapter and I was already wanting to fan myself. Oh holy hell ladies you are in for a treat with this story. Men will probably like it too. hehe I actually read this after reading Layers Deep, so I already have a huge love for Tristan and the author Ms Silks has done this amazingly as well. I found my self just melting for Gabe, he was amazingly alpha and hero all rolled together. Samantha was slightly naive regarding Kendra but I didn't begrudge her that too much. I knew going into this that there were some F/M/F and F/F scenes but they didn't bother me at all because I was too wrapped up in the story! Another great read by Lacey Silks!!!

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The beginning irritated me then it got better And hott

Hooked! The Cross brothers are a MUST read'



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