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De Affaire (2010)

De affaire (2010)

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Sisters separated due to the untimely death of their to a step-mother and father, one to an aunt and uncle...not ideal at all in any child's life. Ruthie and Julia become strangers to each other as their lives unfold on opposite ends of the US...but the sister bonds remain...although not without strain.Definitely a good plane read. This was the second time I have read this book...original date was April 2010. I really Love Santa Montefiore's writing style...she can really bring scenes to life with such descriptive flare, and The Perfect Happiness did not disappoint in this respect...South Africa was breathtakingly beautiful in her description, but that was all I must sadly say.It's kind of hard to really like a book when you so dislike the main character, in this case Angelica. I just could not get into her therefore couldn't root for to overcome all her issues....which mainly was her feeling that her husband was no longer attentive to her or to her needs. I did enjoy the backdrop characters more so....Anna,especially,and Angelica's circle of girlfriends were likable as well.I also liked the quotations at the beginning of each chapter...sadly,so much more interesting than the main character...

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Embarrassed to admit I read this, but I needed something totally mindless to end the summer!

Also called The Affair, great book

Very good

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