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De Bourne Vergelding (2000)

De Bourne vergelding (2000)

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About book De Bourne Vergelding (2000)

Eric Van Lustbader was given the arduous task of continuing the legend of Robert Ludlum's indestructible amnesiac hero, Jason Bourne. I had given the Jason Bourne series a bit of a rest as there has been 7 Bourne adventures since Ludlum's passing-- with each thriller having the Van Lustbader intricate plotline. "The Bourne Retribution" does not disappoint. This is definitely one of those thrillers that grabs you by the throat and makes you burn the midnight oil just to see what is beyond the next page and the next and the. . .It neatly ties in previous Jason Bourne books but "The Bourne Retribution" can just as easily stand alone. Recovering in Israel from a Mexican security detail gone awry, Bourne is relentlessly hunted by other powerful governments including Russia and China. Fighting old enemies as well as ambitious new ones, Bourne battles drug dealers and powerful crime syndicates so he can get his retribution for the woman he loved and lost. And, while he's trying to survive, someone buried deep in Mossad, is doing his best to discredit and shorten Bourne's time on earth. I highly recommend this latest Jason Bourne thriller. Many years ago, I'd wait (somewhat) patiently for Robert Ludlum's new novel to be publish and then in a matter of days inhale it. Then the waiting would begin again. Since that time, I lost interest in the books. The last Bourne book read was The Bourne Identity.I did,however, love the Bourne movies with Matt Damon. Guess that is why I picked up this Bourne audio book. Didn't get any further than disk 4. It was a bit confusing when scenes and characters constantly switched locations and then I just lost interest. Now that Matt Damon will no longer star in the films, I may pass [email protected]

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Just like usual, good Bourne Book. The big reveal, so to speak, is in the epilogue.

Fast-moving adventure. As quick to read as a movie is to watch.

I don't know why I keep reading these.

Awesome book. best of the series

Loved the ending!

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