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De Goden Van Gotham (2012)

De Goden van Gotham (2012)

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9000303516 (ISBN13: 9789000303519)
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About book De Goden Van Gotham (2012)

This book was a bit disappointing. The Gods of Gotham should normally be right up my alley because it combines two of my favourite genres, but sadly it didn't deliver. The story has great premise, and I like the idea but the execution could've been better. What bothered me the most was the writing style. It's verbose and tedious to read, I think it bogs down the reading. The story is written in first person, so it felt weird that people would 'think' like that when in dire situations and/or in pain, and still the MC finds the time to provide the reader with long descriptions. Personally I prefer straightforward writing and fast-paced narrative. Also I couldn't connect with Timothy and found him a bit of a bore. In my opinion, the book leaned more towards the historical rather than the mystery part. It seems that the author did some research and tried to faithfully depict 19th century New York but the mystery didn't grab my attention, and I thought it underwhelming. The guilty party was a bit obvious, that usually doesn't bother me so much but considering that at this point I had already some issues with the book, this only added up. I don't think I'm going to read the sequel, but I do suggest to give this book a try.Rating: 2.5 Set in New York in the 1840s, this is the story of Timothy Wilde who was one of the first "copper stars" or police officers in the newly forced police force. His older brother, Valentine, is politically connected and himself a volunteer firefighter and pulls strings to get his brother on the force after a huge fire burns down not only Tim's residence but also his place of employment. The police force is untested and unwelcomed by part of the community as the beginnings of a police state. Almost immediately, Tim gets pulled into a murder investigation that delves into the seediest part of the city.Eventually, the story gets moving, but the first 55 pages are excruciatingly slow. When Faye finally around to the plot, the writing gets more economical. Every so often, she falls back into too many words to tell the story, but then she gets back on track. Faye did a lot of research, and I can appreciate that, but I place the story above the setting, so this book sometimes drags for me.

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New York City in 1845 with a brand new police force trying to solve a murder mystery.

Read about half of the book hoping I could enjoy it. Rarely do I stop reading a book.

not interested in a mystery story about murdered children.

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