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De Juffrouw Uit Devonshire (2000)

De juffrouw uit Devonshire (2000)

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About book De Juffrouw Uit Devonshire (2000)

just completed!It was a nice read but I find the conflict/mystery wasn't as interesting as The Silent GovernessThere were parts that I didn't get,- why was Sir Giles so lax and laidback in the affairs of his house? He wasn't ill so surely he could help manage some of the issues, especially the financial part?- why did Lizzie apologize as Emma was on the way to look for her father at the Chapel of the Rock? Did Lizzie regret her part in the scheme already? Content: Squeaky cleanThis is a Christian novel which I didn't realize when I began reading. It doesn't really have any big reference to religion or God until 3/4 through the book, but it felt forced, preachy and cheesy all at once. That's probably the only thing that bugged me about this book. Otherwise the mystery, the 4 brothers all in the same house, and the romance(predictable yet fabulous) made it for a fun book.

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Julie Klassen's book really hold your attention from first page to the end!

I loved this book. IT was fun and I loved the many messages of this book.

slow start, but so twisty and turny once I got into it. crazy! awesome!

Good reading, faith is tested.

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