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De Kleine Dingen (2010)

De kleine dingen (2010)
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De Kern
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De Kleine Dingen (2010)
De Kleine Dingen (2010)

About book: I picked this book up because of the blurb on the back sounded intriguing. I didn't regret it. Erica James is a superb writer. Instead of writing directly about the tsunami she writes about the changes to relationships that can occur after surviving something as horrendous as that. However, the book isn't doom and gloom, it has sad moments, but they are balanced out with some fun. I either loved or loathed some of the characters which I think is great. I'm definitely going to read more of Erica's books as I think she's a fantastic writer. Chloe, a doctor, and Sally, a high-flying lawyer, are close friends. Sally is a dynamic risk-taker, married to the peaceable Dan who stays at home with their delightful small son Marcus. Chloe is still rather hurt by rejection from her last boyfriend, and reluctant to start another relationship. Then she gets to know Seth, who seems to be perfect in just about every respect... except that he is harbouring a secret. Chloe, Dan and Seth are all very likeable people, but I couldn't quite bring myself to believe in Sally, who, despite being a lawyer, behaves increasingly more stupidly as the book continues. And there are a rather large number of minor characters, some of whom I couldn't keep apart in my mind. A bit slow-moving at first, but as the tension increases, so does the pace. Enjoyable light women's fiction.
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A good book but not outstanding - I would recommend it.
Actually a very nice, pleasant read. Great for bedtime
I really enjoyed everything about this.
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