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De Stille Gouvernante (2011)

De stille gouvernante (2011)

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About book De Stille Gouvernante (2011)

This book was absolutely phenomenal! I loved the way the plot kept twisting and kept me turning the page. By the time I reached the middle of the book, I couldn't believe that the story wasn't over--but it just kept getting better! The relationships between all the characters were believable and also refreshing because the one between Olivia and Lord Bradley didn't begin as typically expected. This is the third of Julie's books I have read, and I can't wait to keep reading more!! Oh how I wish that it had said ANYWHERE on the cover of this book that it was a Christian fiction masquerading as a romance. But it didn't. So I read it.Silent Governess started out pretty well, interesting even, and then after a couple chapters the Christian themes started sneaking in. I don't have anything against Christian fiction but I don't want to read it. It's not my thing. I only finished this book because I was interested in the various mysteries and things going on. Sadly most of them took way too long to develop and I began to lose interest around the halfway point of the book. The end was also incredibly heavy handed, passing out forgiveness left and right to the point that it all felt meaningless. No one is that noble and real life is rarely wrapped up in such a neat little bow.

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easy and enjoyable to read, with captivating characters, unexpected twists and a strong message.

Slow start, but the story takes hold. New governess with family, ends well.

My favorite by this author so far

Really great!!!!

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