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De Vliegeraar (de Graphic Novel) (2000)

De vliegeraar (de graphic novel) (2000)

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About book De Vliegeraar (de Graphic Novel) (2000)

This is one of a handful of exceptional books I've read this year. It is up there with "Americanah" and "Half of a yellow sun". After "12 years a slave", I needed something to rejuvenate and revive my love for reading.Khaled has a gift for words. Up until page 66, I couldn't make head nor tail of the story. The lives of Baba, Hassan, Amir and later Sohrab are intertwined.Honour. Duty. Betrayal. Love. Universal themes knitted together. Baba battled with his own demons till death. A son left in poverty and squalor. A son he couldn't publicly claim for fear of societal reprisal. Another son who didn't and couldn't measure to his standards. A homeland left behind. History. Memories. A life uprubtly left to start anew in a foreign hostile land.Amir. Ravaged by guilt. Guilt for not being a friend when Hassan needed him most.In the end he redeemed himself and rid himself of ghosts from his past. Going back to Afghanistan to rescue Hassan's son, his nephew, was his saving grace. I am glad that Assef got what was coming to him, but it had to be Sohrab who avenged his father's death.A country in turmoil. Lives destroyed all in the name of power.I think that this was a story about Hassan more than anything else. And forgiveness. Forgiveness of self and others.After all is said and done, all that man has is his word. Happy ending. لماذا أربعة نجوم ؟ رغم انها سببت لي الاضطراب والذعر , أشعرتني بالحزن وانا التي تحاول مسح اي احساس قد يجذبني نحو تلك المشاعر البائسة ؟حزنت كثيرا , انقبض قلبي , ولكن الشيء الجميل الذي اكتشفته بين صفحات هذا الكتاب , هو ولوجي وتوغلي في عالم لم أسمع به قبلا ! هازارا ؟ ماهذا بحق الاله ؟ عرق مٌحتقر ! لم أميز بالذات سبب موجة الاحتقار له هل هو العرق في حد ذاته أم بسبب المذهب الذي يعتنقونه ؟!شيء غريب بالفعل , شعرت أنني أغوص وسط محيط غامض أكتشف أشياء , اعتقادات , عادات , طالبان ! ياللهول اشتعل قلبي ذعرا من اساليبهم فكرت حينها كيف كان شعور سكان كابل تجاه هؤلاء البشر ’ لعنهم قلبي كثيرا بما يفعلونه باسم خاتم االاديان السماويةالنهاية كان أكثر ما اعجبني , كانت أشبه بــ "بروفين" خفف عني الكثير ’ طريقة أمير في التكفير عن ذنبه , رعايته لسوهراب , أشعرني بالتحسن حقا , في الحقيقة كرهت أمير كثيرا في البداية , وحسان كنت أغضب منه , الاروع كان سوهراب ,

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Very intense. sad story but you see kids in another country grow up. I am pleased with the ending

Beautiful drawings, gripping and profound story.

as good as text book

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