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Dead Is A State Of Mind (2009)

Dead Is a State of Mind (2009)

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0152062106 (ISBN13: 9780152062101)
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About book Dead Is A State Of Mind (2009)

Soooo, I've read the second book in this series because I bought it, thankfully for only $1, not realizing it was for YA or a series. I borrowed the first one from the library. I gave the first book, "Dead is the New Black" a 1 star. This one is no better, actually I think it's worst because the main character, Bella, opps, I mean, Daisy, basically just whines the whole 175 pages about her boyfriend, Ryan. She thinks he likes another girl, though it's pretty obvious what is exactly going on with him. Every time he tries to confront her to discuss what is going on, he either rushes off not being able to, or Daisy ends up doing the same. The lack of communication just about drove me batty. It made for painful and frustrating reading.As to who was the teacher's killer? Given so few characters, it was a no brainer. It sure would be nice if some authors actually wrote some challenging and mind provoking books for teenage girls. Ouch, harsh, but so true. This supernatural mystery has wide appeal to many. Daisy and her sisters, Rose and Poppy, as well as their mother, use their psychic abilities to solve the latest crime in Nightshade. following the death of a teacher, Mr. Davis, and the appearance of two new students on the campus at Nightshade High, everyone in the town is unnerved at the rumor of a killer Werewolf on loose. This is one crime for the Nightshade city council and the girls to solve before anyone else gets hurt.

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Thanks for the spoiler Littlefln >.<

fun quick reads, too bad everything is totally obvious before the mc gets a clue. le sigh.

Liked it, not loved it. ryan becoming a were was predictable.

Not as entertaining as the first in the series.

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