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Dead Men Don't Crochet (2008)

Dead Men Don't Crochet (2008)

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0425225003 (ISBN13: 9780425225004)

About book Dead Men Don't Crochet (2008)

I liked the main character, Molly Pink, but she seems almost too good to be true - excellent cook, employee, organizer, and crime-fighter with 2 men competing over her. Doesn't she have a flaw? I enjoyed learning more about Molly's co-workers and children. The book-signing scenes are comical and entertaining. There was too much time spent on Diana's family problems, but maybe that will carry over to the next book?? I enjoyed the information about vintage Irish Crochet Lace and I will be making the "Hugs of Comfort Shawl" from the pattern at the end of the book. I am still intrigued and will be reading the next book in this series. I borrowed the first four books of this series from the library.I liked this book more than the first. I'm further removed from the school year so I am dealing better with eye rolling.I like the cuteness of the titles. I spent a lot of the book dividing the characters into like/don't like lists. I just really don't like the sleuth all that much. I like her crush's son. I like Mason. I don't like Adele. Etc.I really like Eduardo. What happened to the actor guy? They're probably my favorite characters because they are guys who are confident in their crocheting and I admire that.

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I enjoyed it a lot. I could so easily be the main character.

A fun litte who-done-it. With a crochet pattern to boot.



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