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Dead Of Night (2006)

Dead of Night (2006)

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Stayed up until 4am to finish this book, not because it was great but because it was so dry, I worried that if I stopped, I might not get motivated to pick it up again. The summary on the jacket seems interesting enough, in that a biologist, Doc Ford, is asked to meet with a fellow biologist who shares a mutual interest in research topics, but when he arrives, Ford finds the man dead and the body infested with tropical parasites not native to their Florida environment.If the author would have stuck with trying to investigate these parasites and eliminate them when they are found to be intentionally introduced into non-native habitats along with other parasites elsewhere in the US, this might have been a really good book. Instead, he cuts back to scenes involving a Russian security specialist working in Cuba whose employer is the one behind the eco-terrorism and the torturous things she and her comrades do in order to keep this all under wraps. Plus, we are introduced to Ford's best friend, a hippie-esque head of an online religious following with a very shady past. Even Ford himself isn't simply a biologist, but used to be involved in some special operations unit for the government. So the book focuses a lot more on the company the Russian works for, Ford reconnecting with the special-ops unit to take these terrorists down, and the odd workings in the head of his best friend, rather than any attempts to rid the area of these parasites before they take over and destroy the ecosystem.Apparently, there are earlier books that feature Doc Ford and his friend, and maybe if I'd read them, I would have liked this book better, but at this point, I'm not sure I'll be picking up this author's work again.

I really liked most of the Dr. Ford books I've read, the earlier ones I suppose. But I didn't finish the last one (sorry, can't remember the title). And I'm not finishing this one either. Weirdo eco terrorists....whatever, really straying into desperate territory with Dr. Ford who is now some sort govt scientist version of Jason Bourne. As if corporate greed and overdevelopment weren't much bigger threats to the Florida ecosystem. I read his books because I liked learning about the FL water ways and fish and the sense of light and warmth I got reading up here in the north. But now its just annoying.

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parasites using human bodies as thanks! had to put this one down, it was way too creepy for me even though I do like horror. I know this author's got a big following, I'm not one of them. This story takes place in Florida, a scientist/detective is on the trail of these evil bio terrorists who are importing exotic creepy crawlers, yuck.. good luck if you like that stuff. I liked how he describes Florida and it could be an interesting story if you can handle disgusting creatures crawling up in people's bodies...

My initial introduction to Doc Marion Ford, who has starred in about a dozen of White's novels. In real life White is an extensive traveler and researcher of environmental issues, and much of his resulting knowledge is woven into the fabric of this book. So I learned a great deal about the ecosystem of southern Florida, but was disappointed with the level of intrigue in the tale. And in response to the evil being done by the bad guys, the response by the good guys did not seem appropriate in this post-9/11 world. This mystery came to my list via the New York Times best seller list in 2005.
—Ronald Wise

Randy Wayne White's "Doc Ford" series is a treat for those who like fun, action-filled crime thrillers. White's protagonist, Ford, is a marine biologist who also happens to be a retired CIA assassin (although he's not really retired). Imagine a cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond, with a lot of Travis Macgee thrown in. White sets his books in the Florida Everglades and the Keys, where Ford lives and works, along with his nutty hippy neighbor/friend, Tomlinson, and his computer-whiz son, Lake. In "Dead of Night", Ford tackles a group of ruthless eco-terrorists who are unleashing deadly animal species into the ecosystem of central Florida, in the hopes of scaring off tourists and, in the process, bringing down the evil Satanic Mega-Corporation known as Disney. Not a big fan of Disney himself, Ford nonetheless finds himself saving the day for that magical rodent. Think "Snakes on a Plane" at Disney World. Suspenseful, witty, and replete with lots of icky creepy-crawly bugs, snakes, and germs, White scores a win with this novel. Word of warning: you may not want to read this if you are at all squeamish about the afore-mentioned creepy-crawly stuff, as there are lots of graphic descriptions of different animal species and what they can do to human beings.
—Scott Rhee

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