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Dead Sky Morning (2011)

Dead Sky Morning (2011)

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About book Dead Sky Morning (2011)

Pretty scary setting (could have been scarier though), nice story BUT it does have its issues:***SPOILER**** if you introduce the idea of abortion in the same book - out of the blue one might say - it is kind of obvious that it will play a huge role; entering Madeleine & the dream from the first chapter and BOOM, you know what a huge part of the story will be (minus one star)* story just stops after the adventure is over* What the hell, Jenn is not pregnant after all? Not cool, dear author! Just roll with it! Would have made a very interesting story to write. It annoyed me that you just took it back (minus one angry star)* we do not get to see the lepers and the priest until the very end* what about the baby? was it really Madeleine?* why does perry not ask her parents about her seeing ghosts in the past or why she had to see a shrink? is she stupid?* please do not tell me that the person leaving those anonymous comments is Jenn... a bit too obvious, don't you think?What I did like* Perry finally starts to acknowledge her gift (i hope)* I did not suspect Mary to be one of the bad guys* It was not as obvious as the other two books before***SPOILER END*** Dead Sky Morning didn't get me going nearly as much as Red Fox did. There was just something about the cruelty and meanness in this book between Perry and Dex that I didn't like. I understand why it was important, but I was uncomfortable reading about it because it's clear that both of them have such deep feelings for each other, and they eviscerated each other on that island. It just made me feel sorry for them because it won't be easy to forget the things that were said, and the things that happened. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars because of that.

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The best of all, the most disturbing for me.

it keeps getting better, I love EIT :)

Loved it!

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