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Dead To You (2012)

Dead to You (2012)

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About book Dead To You (2012)

feel like the real rating I want to give this book is a 2.5. It was interesting enough, and I was curious enough to read to the end. Why I'm rating it down is because it was full of potential that I don't feel it reached. The voice was also not very male. There were very fun bits and times I laughed scattered about, so it was worth it in some ways. The ending was unfulfilling. I would not discourage anyone who is interested from reading this book.Be prepared to feel negative emotions at the end. Dead to You is an enthralling novel about an abducted six-year-old boy named Ethan, which parents don’t really know if he is their “real child”. Ethan, after ten years, is back home where he has two younger siblings; Gracie and Blake and his parents are intrigued to see him but throughout the book, the intrigue transforms into tension. Ethan starts going to school with Cami. Cami is a girl his age that he knew since little, that helps him with his problems and to adapt to his new life. She helps Ethan how to act when grounded and how to behave at home for not getting in trouble. After some walks to school and time spent together Ethan and Cami start dating and Blake, Ethan’s younger brother takes the work of ruining their dates. Many times Blake makes Ethan get grounded and stops him from seeing Cami just because Blake keeps thinking that Ethan isn’t “the real” Ethan. At one point in the book Ethan hears a conversation between his parents questioning if he may be the real Ethan; Ethan interrupts and says that with no problem he can take a DNA test. I felt really sad for Ethan because his own family doubts him. I mean, it’s devastating that your own family wonders about whom you are specially his dad. His dad is really harsh on him too, yet he berates Ethan’s decision to ride in that ban when he was seven and he still doesn’t know what to answer. Will really be the “ real Ethan”? That’s the answer that everyone is interested of knowing when reading the book.Imagine how hard it is for Ethan not remembering, trying to fit in in a world not used to, and beside his family making doubts of who he really is. It’s like if he didn’t have support to confront all this problems because your family should be your firs source of support and clearly it isn’t for him. I definitely enjoyed reading this book because it’s easy to read and the theme of the book is interesting. The book is in first person, which makes me love it because it made me suffer through every sad moment that Ethan described. It made me wear his shoes and feel what it was like to have his cruel and lonely life. I wouldn’t recommend this book to people that like complex plot because this book has a simple plot but I do recommend this book to people that like to read with a little of everything like: mystery, romance, fiction and suspense which are the genres that Dead to You covers.

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Absolutely hands down a great book. I am in love with Lisa McMann and her work.

Who is he? That is the only part left unanswered.

I was a bit bored by it until the end. Holy crap.



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