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Deadly Embrace (2004)

Deadly Embrace (2004)
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Deadly Embrace (2004)
Deadly Embrace (2004)

About book: Family secrets and revenge can rip a family apart, especially when it's a secret involving murder. When Michael Castelli is charged with murder for the second time, his family comes together to rally behind him. Collins spins a story that whirls us through the lives of a number of different characters spread out through New York, California and Nevada. We learn about each character from a slightly different perspective and by the end of the story, they have all been connected with one another.The story starts in the present day with a beautiful and brilliant journalist named Madison Castelli being held captive in a coffee shop when three armed robbers take the shop by force. Madison does her best to keep the situation from spinning out of control, but it soon becomes clear that the robbery has something to do with her past. As the situation turns from bad to volatile, we start learning about the other people in Madison's life. Madison's father, Michael, is a primary character in the novel, and the story of his life and how Madison's mother is murdered is eventually revealed. We also learn about Michael's 'other' family and how they come to play a role in Madison's already confusing life. A masterful storyteller, Jackie Collins can always be counted on to deliver a fast-paced and action packed story that always involves sex, lust and scandal. I've read better books by Collins, which is why I'm only giving Deadly Embrace three stars. I found all the storylines a little confusing and I would've liked to see her spend a bit more time on certain characters. With that said, Deadly Embrace is a relaxing read that is sure to keep you entertained. This book was the first Jackie Collins book I ever read and I got a great impression. You would think in the begining its just about as girl whose going through a terrifying situation, but little did we know there was more to it than that. It goes into depth not sparing a single detail. Everything from her father and his life, the killers, the villians, everything. A must read I tell you.
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The book The Deadly Embrace is about a lady who finds out the most appalling story about her father. The setting starts off in New York then shifts to California, and then Nevada, and Madison Castelli is the main character. Madison’s father has been accused for two murderous crimes and he has vanished, out to kill more, to get revenge on his worst enemies. Meanwhile everything else is in a disaster in Madison’s life, he boyfriend is missing, her step-mom friend gets shot and Madison is going crazy. Madison’s biggest external conflict is being affected by all of this stress, with her work, etc. Madison’s biggest internal conflict thinking about staying in L.A. with her best friend Natalie and forget all about helping her father, or got to Las Vegas to stop her father.During this book I made a text-to-text connection. Madison’s Father’s past remind me of a book called I’ll Be Seeing You by Mary Higgins Clark. Just like Madison, Meghan is trying to find her father, and to see if he really did murder someone. In both text, both characters learn about their parents past.I’d rate this book five stars. It was very suspenseful, action packed. I liked how I always kept me reading. I’d recommend this book to people that love suspense and action together.
Sabrina Bellesbach
Well that was interesting. But if Dani would of gone through with that little decision at the end there. 0 stars. A 0 star rating, you hear me :). Because honestly, goodreads, there should be that option. Anyway, it didn't go down that way, Go Micheal riding in on your white stallion at the right time for once, so I'm happy but Vincent should divorced Jenna if you ask me, and big thumbs up to him not sleeping with his best friends wife,Jolie ,even though that's where they were head.
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