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Deadly Nightshade (2009)

Deadly Nightshade (2009)

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About book Deadly Nightshade (2009)

This was by far one of the hardest books for me to rate. If I rate it solely on the story/mystery I would totally give it a 4 or 5 as I enjoyed it. To rate it on the romantic aspect between the characters it would earn a resounding 1 only because there are no negative stars possible to give. I say this because Tom is an asshat! And Stanley is a desperate man willing to be taken advantage of, used, treated like shit, thrown away, even after all that he clearly asks for more. Really? That's just sad. It makes me pity him.I guess I will settle somewhere in between. I truly hope the next books get better. Finally, an MM mystery that's got both the romance and the mystery part down pat! Or rather, finally! An MM mystery where the mystery isn't just an excuse to pitch two unlikely protagonists together more times than unnecessary, as well as an added excuse to get one of them in deadly trouble. This mystery novel is actually well, a mystery novel. It'a also a dead ringer for Josh Lanyon's Adrien English series. The difference? This one stresses more on the romance part that JL's AA series.It's got it all: And interesting mystery (even if you can kind of figure out what they've got wrong all along), good writing, and a nice romance going on. My only complaint: It seems that Stanley fell in love with Tom way too quickly. He's known him for a few weeks at most, if that, on the job, and most of their interaction involved hurling insults at each other. While the camaraderie was fun, believable, and I can see why he might fall for Tom, it seems to be quite well, quick! Though I suppose Stanley could just be the kind of guy who falls in love easily and immediately pulls out the house plans and the baby names. Hey, I'm not judging; It totally happens.It's something I would rage about in some other book. In this I forgive, since pretty much everything else is done very well. It's a good mystery+romance with huge servings of humor. Definitely a to-get for anyone who loves mystery and MM.

Do You like book Deadly Nightshade (2009)?

Great characters, interesting plot, enjoyed the story up until the disappointing, terrible ending.

Fabulous writing, enchanting characters. I can't get enough of this series.

In fact it is more like 2,5 but if rounded it is 3.

Gay cop, straight cop?Could have been so funny.

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