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Deadly Sting (2013)

Deadly Sting (2013)

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About book Deadly Sting (2013)

This one was good. But the fact that a majority of the novel occurs in the same location during one museum heist/party made it a little stale at times. But the rest of the novel was good-interesting crime, well written, action filled, etc. I like that this series continues to develop in different directions with multiple bad guys after the first uber-villain is finally killed. I am sure to keep reading this great series! My rating comes with a caveat: I love Gin and her family, and I love reading about them...even if I roll my eyes every time she mentions her gray eyes or where her five knives are or explains for the fifteeth time in as many paragraphs that her spider rune means patience and she's an assassin. Repetition is Esteps watchword and she took it to heart. But if you can get past that, she has created a quirky world and a quirky bunch of people to populate it.

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One of my favorites so far, less recapping which is always a plus!

Fun urban fantasy with a not-so-nice protagonist.

Great book as always, excitement the whole time!

Gin Blanco at her finest saving the day.

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