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Deadman Wonderland (2013)

Deadman Wonderland (2013)

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Ok, I really didn’t know what to expect when I got this for my brother, and since this was among my books that were piling up in my book box, I decided, why not, and grabbed it and started reading.Well my first instinct on this short manga was the “what’s going on here” type of story; it was going very fast and only speeding up. So I decided to try and keep up as we follow the main character Ganta, who is accused of a horrid crime that’s beyond his nature.Ganta is just a middle school kid hanging out with his friends when a red man appears at his school and suddenly launches an attack against Genta, and in the process killing all of his friends. Genta is just left in a state of shock to see so much death and all the pain and misery that follows. When Genta wakes up, he’s in a hospital about to be arrest and is sent to the deadly Deadman Wonderland, a theme park prison that has to support the reconstruction of Tokyo, which was crumbled to the point where most of the city is underwater. The prison/park plays a crucial role in Tokyo’s reconstruction.Now Genta has to prove his innocent by defeating this place from the inside out…but the sad thing was that he didn’t realize that all of what he’s doing is a trap…ho oh god where is this going to go…here I am just reading and I’m like…Genta, move it you bastard!Now the white hair chick Shiro…damn she nuts, she shows up out of nowhere and keeps trying to help out Genta and I’m all like, “dang bitch, what do you drink in the morning cause I’d like some of that!” so I like her, she’s very funny, high spirited and very amusing…I seem to like her a lot!Now to the characters I don’t like…Makina, the Warrant Officer female with G-cups…What. A. Bitch. I can’t even describe how insanely evil she was with her hollowed expression and toyed looks. And plus some prisoner ask how big her breasts were and she said G-cup like it was just any other question…ok ladies, if some dickhead asked you that question, how would you respond to that?But I’m getting off topic here, well in all honest, this story is very well done and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next manga, the reprinting I mean! CX! So anyways what was really enjoyable was the…oh wait there was a bully in this manga, a douche bag jerk and a prissy bitch, (how could I forget) Anuzmi and Kozuji….charming bastards.But I digress, so anyways that wraps up this review, so my first manga of 2014 and I enjoyed it, a worthwhile read of anyone indeed…kinda like a young adult dystopian book series…Hunger Games…Divergent…Legend….Its kinda funny, who would have thought a Manga would be the 200th book that I would read and review.Later peoplesJ Vera I started Deadman Wonderland on a bit of a whim. I'd just finished a shojo-ish manga, and was looking for something with a bit more meat in, but that wasn't too long. Deadman Wonderland seemed perfect for this - only 13 volumes and about prisoners running a theme park!Or so I thought.Maybe I missed something in the description, but it wasn't really about prisoners running a theme park. It had a theme park, and it had prisoners, but they weren't really running the theme park. Some were being selected, taken under the park to participate in violent fights where the loser would lose a body part. On top of that was the mystery about the Great Tokyo Earthquake and the Wretched Egg. Who was the Wretched Egg? Why did the earthquake happen? And who the frick frack was the red man who killed Ganta's classmates?As mentioned before, this manga was not what expected. I had hoped for blood, gore and violence. I got plenty of that, but I also got a really cute story about friendship and fucking the police. It was wacky. It was confusing. It had good artwork. Give it a try!

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one of the best manga series I've ever read

Pretty messed up story. But good anyways


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